Podcast idea for #3403

Group members: Bill Kosileski, Gene Ross, and myself.

Project: With the Ohio State football team under a multitude of scrutiny after an ugly loss to Penn State. After Northwestern, is the team back on the right track, or will this season end in heartbreak for the Buckeyes? Bill, Gene and I will be doing a podcast with some sound from the coaches and players on how they feel after facing the Wildcats.

Focus: How Ohio State football looks for the rest of the season following the Northwestern game. Did they correct the mistakes from Penn State, or is the team in real trouble moving forward? Does Urban Meyer have it in him to lead his team to another storybook finish?

Talking points: How were the miscues addressed? Offensive lines woes fixed, and did Isaiah Prince improve? J.T. Barrett a quarterback for the ages, or just another system guy under Urban Meyer? Any obvious changes on offense, or did Meyer hold true to his word? After Northwestern, we want to look at how the rest of the season will play out.

Audio from the team: Bill and I will be attending the press conference with the team on Monday for quick thoughts, as well as post game comments.


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